January 18, 2018



Welcome to Clearwater Towing in Florida

You can make a stressful situation a less hassle one, by contacting Clearwater Towing in Florida for a dependable roadside assistance and towing services. When you are in need of a battery replacement, tire change or a jump starts, or you’re locked out of your vehicle, you can depend on our professional staffs to get the work done. Our services are available in Florida and surrounding areas. We have advanced dispatching abilities when you are in need of roadside assistance and vehicle transportation, we are well equipped for your towing needs.

Clearwater Florida provides Towing Services that You Can have confident in it

For many years, Clearwater Towing staffs have offered vehicles owners in Florida and surrounding area with light and heavy-duty towing service which include towing recovery and towing service. Our aim is to provide the cheap towing services which is available at fair estimate to recover your car and get your vehicle back on the road in time.

We have experienced and knowledgeable staffs that can work on both heavy and light duty vehicles of all make and models. Our staffs can also work you to find fair price recovery, maintenance and repair choices.

We are ready for any services related to the car, vehicle van, and truck. To get more information on Clearwater Towing services in Florida kindly, contact us by sending us an email or call us at 813-501-6337. We are committed to ensuring that all our clients are satisfied with our services and we guarantee maximum satisfaction.



At Clearwater Towing, our towing abilities and extensive service choices match our experience. Whether it’s in the midnight and there’s no vehicle in sight or you’re stranded in rush hour traffic, our emergency dispatchers are ready to answer your call. As an essential part of our company’s achievement, our dispatchers will make sure that an equipped and experienced member of our team is sent to you in a timely manner.

Clearwater Towing has proven itself as the best in the industry with the experience and expertise which is needed to consistently offer high-quality and reliable services. We have many years of experience and we have the best-designed tow trucks, that have contributed to our ability to surpass industry standards.

Change Tire

If you need a tire change or you’ve a flat tire. Clearwater is here to assist you with fast tire change services that you can always depend on.  If you have got a flat tire, a hole in the sidewall, a tire that’s blown out or any roadside assistance that requires a tire change, our professional and experienced service providers can replace your tire and get vehicle working effectively by getting you back on the road immediately. Let us get you an effective and efficient tire change service and you don't need to stress yourself in changing your flat tires by yourself.

Jump start

If you need a jump or your car battery is dead and no one is around to assist with your jumper cables, and you’re afraid of asking a stranger to work on your vehicle. Don’t worry Clearwater Towing Company has what you’re searching for. Just give us a call or send us a mail, our jump start service provider will arrive at your location to assist you with your needs. They will also give you’re a fair estimate.


Our certified and licensed drivers make use of the state-of-the-art trucks with the best tools and equipment to solve all your transport requirements. We act in accordance with safety and regulations requirements in Florida to make sure all vehicle is moved safely and quickly. Clearwater Towing services provide equipment and vehicle transport at affordable and competitive rates. Our commitment is to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services. You can depend on Clearwater Towing in Florida for all your transport needs.

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